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Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots
Author: Shannon Garst
Pages: 191
Year: 1965
View: 1157
Read: 348

Puss in Cowboy Boots

Puss in Cowboy Boots
Author: Jan Huling
Publisher: Aladdin
ISBN: 1416967494
Pages: 40
Year: 2007-10-29
View: 825
Read: 1275

Say howdy to the rootin'-est, tootin'-est, cowboy-bootin'-est, wheelin'-and- dealin'-est kitty cat in the whole, entire U. S. of A.!

Running Without Cowboy Boots

Running Without Cowboy Boots
Author: Dan Maes
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1465334602
Pages: 222
Year: 2011-07-15
View: 389
Read: 345

In the spring of 2009 Dan Maes was a no name, small businessman who announced he was running for Governor of Colorado. No one cared. By August 2010 his name would be know across Colorado and he would be surprising even the sagest of political pundits as he racked up win after win. While hundreds of thousands of grassroots supporters from the Tea Party to the Republican Party rallied around this breath of fresh air, not everyone in the GOP was pleased about it. On the request of many in Running Without Cowboy Boots Dan exposes the truth about his rapid rise in popularity, his tireless campaigning, and the corrupt party politics inside the Colorado GOP during his campaign that changed the direction of Colorado politics for years to come. Strap in for a 2 year rollercoaster ride of Rocky Mountain Highs, Washington DC lows and a Journey of Faith as Dan shares what really happened in his campaign.

Dark Roots and Cowboy Boots

Dark Roots and Cowboy Boots
Author: LuAnn McLane
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101658118
Pages: 304
Year: 2006-08-01
View: 769
Read: 742

Teetering on the Tennessee border, Hootertown, Kentucky, suits beautician Jamie Lee Carter just fine. She’s the kind of gal who prefers longneck beers to cosmos, bare feet to high heels, and Daisy Dukes to Prada, but a bit of flash might still win out over another pool-hall line dance. That’s where Parker Carrington, a hunky Hollywood producer, comes in. He’s pegged Hootertown as an ideal movie site—and Jamie as more than a sexy extra. He’s adding sizzle to Jamie’s romantic slump and firing up something called jealousy in Griff Sheldon, Jamie’s brother’s best friend and her longtime crush. Now two hot-blooded rivals are going head-to-head. One’s got a Jaguar. One’s got a pickup. And only one’s got what it takes to give Jamie the ride of her life.

My Cowboy Boots

My Cowboy Boots
Author: Crystal Bowman
Publisher: Zonderkidz
ISBN: 0310424399
Pages: 24
Year: 2011-02-01
View: 1104
Read: 1144

Celebrate your child’s God-given gifts and talents with My Cowboy Boots, a fun, rhyming story about a little girl and her favorite red cowboy boots. Although she wears them every day, she never forgets to ask her “mama” if it’s okay. Filled with fun, colorful illustrations that will delight your imaginative two- to four-year-old, My Cowboy Boots is designed to encourage individuality and independence in children, while reinforcing obedience. Plus, your little one can learn the days of the week too.Just for Mom! This book includes a special “Mom’s Moment” insight from MOPS International (Mothers of Preschoolers)—the people who know what mothering and children are all about!

Cowboy Boots for Christmas

Cowboy Boots for Christmas
Author: Carolyn Brown
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1402296061
Pages: 352
Year: 2014-10-07
View: 546
Read: 251

Book 1 in the Burnt Boot, Texas Series 'Tis the season for... Feasting Frolicking And...Feuding? All he wants for Christmas is peace and quiet... After two tours in Afghanistan, retired Army sniper Finn O'Donnell believes his new ranch outside the sleepy little town of Burnt Boot, Texas, is the perfect place for an undisturbed holiday season. But before he can settle in, an old friend shows up looking for protection and a place where nobody knows her name. But that's going to take a miracle... Callie Brewster must relocate to protect her young nephew, Martin, and the only person she trusts is her old Army friend, Finn. Burnt Boot seems like the perfect place to be anonymous, but it turns out a small town with big drama is no place to hide... Burnt Boot, Texas Series: Cowboy Boots for Christmas (Book 1) The Trouble with Texas Cowboys (Book 2) Praise for The Cowboy's Christmas Baby: "Featuring a down-home cast of characters that feel more like family than fiction, this story makes for the perfect escape."—RT Book Reviews, 4 stars

Rudy Toot Toots and His Cowboy Boots

Rudy Toot Toots and His Cowboy Boots
Author: Paul Scholz
Publisher: Archway Publishing
ISBN: 1480808555
Pages: 24
Year: 2014-07-28
View: 518
Read: 577

Rudy Toot Toots is a happy, energetic boy who loves cowboy boots. He loves cowboy boots so much that he wears a different pair every day. Wherever he goes or whatever he does, he always wears his boots. Rudy even wears boots with his shorts and suits, whether he is going to school, visiting the park or playing soccer. Rudy has an amazing collection and many different colors. He wears boots of brown to go to town, his boots are blue when he goes to the zoo and even has boots that glow in the dark! Does he even wear cowboy boots to bed? Rudy Toot Toots and His Cowboy Boots is a fun read for parents and children. This easy to read prose will help your children learn colors and remember days of the week in simple, rhyming format. Watch your young readers practice their new skills and follow Rudy’s adventures to see what the color for today will be!

Jesus in Cowboy Boots

Jesus in Cowboy Boots
Author: William Robert Carey
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1491242752
Pages: 238
Year: 2013-09-13
View: 252
Read: 1248

A great coming of age story... an eccentric story about an imaginative teenager growing up in a dirty, dusty backwater community along the Texas/Oklahoma border.

Tutus & Cowboy Boots (Part 2)

Tutus & Cowboy Boots (Part 2)
Author: Casey Peeler
Publisher: Casey Peeler
ISBN: 131152231X
Pages: 235
Year: 2016-04-08
View: 1310
Read: 154

After an eventful Christmas break, Cadence Lewis is shaken to the core. The life she lived in New York no longer makes sense. Faced with so many questions she runs to the only person who has ever listened to her. Now she has to decide how to say goodbye to the past, discover herself, and embrace a future in a life she never wanted. Will Cadence be able to overcome the path she’s been given or will she take the easy way out?

Tiger's New Cowboy Boots

Tiger's New Cowboy Boots
Author: Irene Morck, Georgia Graham
Publisher: Red Deer, Alta. : Red Deer College Press
ISBN: 0889951535
Pages: 32
Year: 1996
View: 693
Read: 209

Tiger finally gets real cowboy boots to wear for his visit to his uncle's ranch, but before anyone notices his new boots he is sent on a cattle drive with his cousin Jessica and the rest of the trail crew, and the boots get scratched and dirty.

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots
Author: Tyler Beard, Jim Arndt
Publisher: Gibbs Smith
ISBN: 1586855220
Pages: 328
Year: 2004
View: 210
Read: 245

Flowers, steer heads, horses, crosses, initials, hearts, cacti, horseshoesQit's all stitched on a pair of cowboy boots somewhere, and certainly pictured within this treasure for collectors, fans of the craftsmanship, or anyone in the market for a new pair. "Cowboy Boots" is a close up look at some of the most impressive designs from the most prestigious and famed bootmakers in the world. 1-58685-522-0$15.95 / Gibbs-Smith

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy Boots
Author: Jennifer June, Marty Snortum, Marty Yoakum
Publisher: Rizzoli Universe Promotional Books
ISBN: 0789320495
Pages: 327
Year: 2010-03-23
View: 1062
Read: 800

An homage to the beloved and ubiquitous American icon, written by the country’s leading expert on cowboy boots past and present. Jennifer June, a custom cowboy boot maker, takes the reader through the diverse history of the boot, from the early days prior to 1930 to the modern twists on traditional styles popular a century down the line. Cowboy boots are the most emblematic of American fashion icons, repositories of western tradition and symbols of the strength and endurance of true American style. In recent times, cowboy boots have become permanent fixtures of the fashion world and of Hollywood westerns. Beautifully illustrated, this book presents the definitive perspective on the changing roles and various styles of the most enduring American footwear.

High Heels and Cowboy Boots

High Heels and Cowboy Boots
Author: D. Dean, R. Grimmet
Publisher: Publishamerica Incorporated
ISBN: 1424131863
Pages: 209
Year: 2006-04-01
View: 502
Read: 999

Paradise Falls, Colorado, was an old gold mining town that was almost abandoned after the truth leaked out about the false gold rush. Trixie Monroe was not prepared for the revelations and surprises that she would encounter after she decided to move there. The old hotel that her late husband had left her was one reason she came to live in the small town. The other was the hope of a fresh start with her new husband, whose business would keep him in California for another two months. It would be up to her to get everything ready for his arrivalon her own. The next few months would definitely be something that she would not forget the rest of her life; friendships, new and old, along with her very own strengths would be tested. She soon would realize that life there would never be the same.

Goddess Wears Cowboy Boots

Goddess Wears Cowboy Boots
Author: Katherine Hoerth
ISBN: 0991532112
Pages: 116
Year: 2014-08-22
View: 1284
Read: 804

These are poems that lovers of poetry will much admire, fans of stories will enjoy, and poets will find astonishing for the poetic mastery in the integration of form and meaning. Katherine Hoerth is a lyric poet of anecdotes and stories. Rather than tell a story her poems immerse readers in it with images speaking to all five senses. Open the book to any page and you will find the richness of her imagery. Here are samples from 5 random pages: the reader can experience the taste of pomegranate, smell the odor of spritzed perfume, feel the sunbaked warmth of a rock, and hear a birdsong. Often Hoerth's images become more vivid for their mixing, for their surprising synesthesia. Adding to the lyrical effect of the masterful use of imagery are the sounds. Most lines are blank verse, a subtle, musical form that in Hoerth's hands enhances the words rather than intruding upon them. In these pages the poet loans us her remarkable sensibilities so we can experience her world, and if we are wise, we can apply her sensual wisdom to new examinations of our own lives.

Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?

Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?
Author: Carmela Lavigna Coyle
Publisher: Taylor Trade Pub
ISBN: 1589799453
Pages: 64
Year: 2014-04-01
View: 801
Read: 481

Every inquisitive little girl wonders what it is really like to be a genuine princess. At the heart of Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? lives an energetic and spirited child who has lots of important questions for her mom. Do princesses ride tricycles, climb trees, do chores, or have to eat the crusts of their bread? This sticker doodle book contains everything a princess could want! Design your own princess crown, play sticker tic-tac-toe with a princess pal, and much more!

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